A Wife’s Compromise – 06

Devika, was lying nude, the pee was smelling very bad. The cum which was fallen on her face and body had now dried up, she was sweating. There were different bite marks and scratch marks all across her body. The three men, had actually snatched her each and every part. Her ass was still paining, but she was feeling completely satisfied. She felt that pain was joyful. Inside her she was really admiring the stamina and passion of these guys. They may have fucked her wildly, but they really made her cunt satisfied she thought.

Anand, was watching everything from his CCTV screen. He was himself not able to really believe that, how wild Devika is, perhaps all innocent looking women are wild, he thought and how easily she is enjoying. In his mind, there was only one thing, that by the time Devika leaves this house, she becomes his permanent slut. He didnot have any sympathy or any mercy for her. But he also didnot want her to get exhausted. So he went down.

” Ramu, aab isko, upar le aao, tum log to iski jaan he le loge “

Ramu and other two guys started smiling. Then he looked at them -” Ab tum log ghar jao, yahan rahoge to isko noch khaoge, Ramu tu ruk jana “

Ramu, and the three guys, picked up tired, Devika, and took her to the bedroom, she was smelling badly, so they dropped her on the ground . The two guys departed hesitantly, but they knew they have already got more than they deserved. They left, thinking when they will need to get her fuck again. …

Anand, went to her, giving her tissues to clean her self, she was very tired after extensive hot sessions. She looked at Anand, ” Kyun Karwaya yeh saab “

Anand, looked at her- ” hmmmm, yeah to mughe bhi nahin pata, magar tu hai meri maal, yeh mughe pata haim maaza aya na, bola na tere ko- ” teri andar ke raand ko bahar nikalna tha”

He offered her a cigarate, she started to smoke. She was completely exhausted, and cigarate helped her, also as now the lust in her was satisfied, the house wife in her was again aroused

She again started feeling bad about everything. She started to feel like a slut, what made her more guilty was that she really enjoyed it.

Anand- ” chal naha le, fir fresh ho ja, fir raat ka plan kartey hain.”

Devika, quietly smoked her cigarate, and left for bathroom.

Anand, was searching for her what to wear, he wanted to really expose her inside slut today.

He was planning his second idea.


Devika was cleaning her self in the bathroom. The bathroom had a huge mirror and had its own elegance. Looking at the mirror, she really felt very shameful of her own condition. She open the shower tap and started to clean her body. She also vomitted a little on looking at her on position. The jell to clean her body was very powerful and had a nice fragrance. She started to clean everything. Some hairs had started coming in her pussy, she took out the razor which she had bought recently , and started to shave it. She was feeling slutty, but over all experience had made her feel very rejuvenated. It took her some time to clean her self, as if she is cleaning her sins. She was still not able to decide whether whatever was happening was right or wrong.

Anand, in the mean time, had figure out the right dress . It was the short skirt, and nice t-shirt with a set of pink color lingerie he choose for her. He also choose the pink color high heels for her. She came out of shower in a towel, and looked at Anand, she knew he must have planned something for her . She was now wrapped in towel, and she was again feeling little uncomfortable. Anand looked at her.

Anand- ” Aaaja meri raani,thoda rest kar le, fir get ready, fir we will go out “

Devika looked at him- ” Go out, deal to ghar ki thi na”

Anand- ” Are yaar, saab to kar diya tere sath, mere ek dost nai party rakhi hai, invited all couples, will take u as my gf, vaise bhi I had done to you whatever was needed”

Devika looked back- ” see I cannot wear them out”

Anand- ” Arey yaar, I am taking you as my gf, wahan par sirf 3 couples hain, high class party hai, samgha kar, all will be in these kind of clothes”

Devika-” Sir, ghar tak theek tha, servants tak bhi theek tha, magar I cannot wear these clothes and come with u in the out “

Anand- ” Dekh, Devika, mood maat kharab kar, then he opened his video set up, tera saara kaan is me recorded hain, main deal cancel kar satkha hun, magar main nahin kar raha hun. Isliye mera mood mat kharab kar. or bola na party is safe nothing to worry “

Devika, looked back and thought of her self. She knew now that , she is now in the trap of this bastard.

Devika, requested him some time. Please give me some time , I need time to think.

Anand gave her an hour to think, and he left to take his shower!!!

Devika, for next hour entered her meditation, took out Ganpattis statute and mangal sutra she had kept , prayed to it, and said to herself -” Bhagwan kyun kar rahe ho mere saath yeh, please bacha lo mughe”

She reluctantly started putting some lotion on her body, and started to wear the dress Anand had gifted. She knew that this party will be not be as simple as he was saying. She only had trust in destiny. But there was also, something in her mind which was telling her, she may get a blast of her life

Devika was now ready . The panty she was wearing was a Pink color G string, her pussy and ass were both swollen due to too much of being manipulated. The pussy which was tight when he fucked it, was now very tight, it had loosened up. The pain in her Ass had reduced but was there. The skirt Anand choose for her was very short and hardly was fitting her. Her thighs were looking little bigger in the skirt. The T-shirt she wore, was better fitted to her, she was still wearing uncomfortable wearing high heels. She was very nervous, one she had never every wore a jeans outside her house, and though in her lust and hotness, she lost her control, but now she did not want to do that.She was getting trapped into Anands game. In order to reduce her stress , she again started to smoke her cigarate and again call of her husband came –

” Hi jaan, I love you I shopped for you nice suits, hope you will like it. I am misisng you. I have the best wife and the best boss. I hope you are ok and missing me too. “

Devika smoking her cigarate and trying to be as normal as possible could only say “” Hmmm, Love you. Jaldie aajao” They were not very romantic couple , but I guess new life in his career had added this new spark in the life of Sunil.

Devika was feeling happy for him and his happiness gave her courage to understand this point that she has not done a crime. So felt little better after the call.

Anand, entered the room, he was wearing a denim jeans and a black shirt, he looked at his beautiful body and immediately had a slutty feeling about him

Anand, called Ramu to ask his driver to bring the car. They both left together.

Whole road, Devika didnot speak anything and purposefully , Anand asked her to seat in front seat. Where Driver eyes were fixed on her beautiful thighs. She tried her best to hid them, but of no avail. Anand, was feeling very horny on seeing her in this positions. Anand wanted to use every moment of this. He knew that Devika has now become his slut, now last step was left.

The reached a bunglow of Rajesh, friend of Anand… There were almost 4 foriegners drinking their drinks , and few ladies nude were serving them drinks. In one side, wife of Rajesh was sucking the dick of one of the Guy. Rajesh was busy entertaining his guest.

Two of the foriegners were black , one was a russian and the third one looked like a afghani. They all were big and huge and looked as if they had used some drug. Devika and Anand entered the party .

One of black guy looking at Anand said ” OH MAN IS THIS MY BITCH FOR THE NIGHT , you are so late, my dick is craving “

The another russian guy looked at him and said ” I will fuck her first”

Devika was sweating with a very proposition of what is gona happen to her and she tries to run away from the bunglow

Devika, knew now what was in store. She tried to ran out from the bunglow, but the two bouncers on the door, blocked her way .. Anand was laughing like crazy.
” Arey donot worry Devika, they are just teasing you, anyways now you are here, and without my knowledge you cannot go the fuckin hell out of here.”

Devika, was scared like a hell, the two bouncers holding her from their shoulders brought her back to the table.

Anand ” No Jack, you cannot get her, she is mine bitch “

Jack the Tall black guy around 6’8 Inches tall, was a heavy man. He looked from Nigeria but was to operate from Goa in India.His partner, another Nigerian, name was Cook. He was little shorter but more fitter than Jack.

Jack was not very happy with the way Anand said.

Jack ” No men, Jack, any price for this bitch man. The day you showed us her picture, I want to eat her”

Devika, was astonished by the whole conversation taking place. The ACs were full blown but she was sweating . There sweat could easily be seen in her body. She was scared to see Jack. He must be 10 times as heavy as her, and the way were talking was making him even more scare. She at that time only had one thing how she can run away from there. There were two more women in the party both of them looked as if had been brought forcefully and lookin at their condition anyone could make out what might have happened to them

Jack and Anand were still negotiating, and ultimately they decided to gamble. The condition of gamble was simple. If Anand wins, the Jack will pay 1 Lac Indian Rupees and if he looses, then they will snatch one cloth of Devika.

The bouncers were still holding her tight.

The game started ….

Jack showed his card first, they were 3 Kings. Anand lost the first bet and before he could say anything , the Russian guy, tore the shirt of Devika apart. He said in his Russian ascent – ” This is the game Baby”

Devika could not react, her bra was now exposed to the everyone…. Cooks hand were now on his dick, ” Wow baby she is gonna be my bitch tonite”

The game continued for some time, Anand won around 15 Lacs rupees but by than each and every piece of cloth in the body of Devika had been removed . She was standing trying to cover her whatever part of body she could with her hands. And the all the 4 Monsters were looking at her with eating eyes. She was cursing Anand the bastard, and cursing her self for agreeing to this .

Anand, was also enjoying the situation of hers, he knew what she must be going through right now.But his dream to make her a real slut, was now on its last phase. The four men, picked her up, and started to take her to the room upstairs. She was crying and shouting and abusing the bastard, she was crying for help. Anand was also following up to the room

The room was a large room, with bedding in the ground. There were bottles of wines and beers all around. The room was little darker, but it as ample for every one. Jack threw Devika on the floor, ” She is a hot bitch man”

Afghani guy, inserted his finger in her pussy ” Oh boss, she is wet”

The all men looked at her with a surprise, ” ah..she like it man “

They tied her both hands and all four of them attacked her simultaneously…..

” Help me help me,she was shouting ” Jack was the first one to remove his clothes. He was chubby man & his dick must be 9 Inches long. He immediately drew in to action and entered his big dick inside the mouth of Devika….

Cook, was the second one to enter the battle field, after doing his analysis, he started to chew , yes not suck but chew her boobs.

Afghani was playing with his dick and Russian guy was finishing his beer!!!

and Anand was plahying with his dick watching the whole action!!

Looking at the dick of Jack, and Cook, there was hell of breath which came out of her senses. She was completely taken aback by the large dick . She had by now seen 5 dicks, but these two guy for monsters. The whole dick of Jack didnot even enter her mouth completely.

He started to press it like a monster ” Comeon baby- eat my cum , fuck you u bitch..”

The chewing of her nipples by Cook, was very painful , he was biting, and chewing them, as if he had not seen these kind of boobs before. Devika hands were tied and she could not do anything other than putting her ass up and down.

They both were playing like this. In the mean time, Afghani, brought his dick out and gave it in her hands. His dick was little normal and smaller the other two. She started to move her hands on his dick.

The three men, were abusing her . In the mean time the russian, stode up, He brought in some cake, put it in his hands, and wrapped all the cake on her pussy and ass. Spread her legs, and bang entered the monster………Because there was dick of Jack inside her mouth , she could not even shout………….

But to the surprise of Russian, her pussy was so wet, that his dick entered it without any resitanse. ” She is a slut man, she likes the way we are fucking her, Indian whore “

” Anand, she is a real slut”

They continued to fuck her turn by turn. These guys didnot take their cum outside. One did in her mouth, the other guy cummed in her pussy, the other one, did her in her ass . They took rest for some time, and then had another session of fucking.

After finishing the other session, Cook offered her some whisky and cigarate to relax, and Devika drank it at one go to relax. She enjoyed every instant of fucking these monsters did. Now there was no guilt, she was only thanking Anand .

After feeling relax a bit, she went to Anand, who was seating and wathcig all the action, ” Anand, I hate you, but I thank you, You really introduce me to a real sex, and she started so suck his cock without even he saying anything “

Anand looked at her said- ” Now you have become a real slut”

Devika sucked his cock till he cum on her mouth, she was liking to suck the salty cum now.

Anand, looked at other guys, who were now tired and sleeping in one corner. Devika too her self was exhausted and now was drinking her 4th Peg of whisky, he thought she may also need some rest.

He and Devika, left from the party. He tried to make her wear whatever he could
She was drunk so he made her seat with her in the back seat this time.

Devika had put her shoulder on Anands.

She asked the question – ” Anand, I liked the sex , but you brought in my hidden desires, why did you make me feel like that, and pasted her lips on him”

She was feeling very cozy in his arms now. Anand kissed her back- ” Nothing darling, I just wanted you to feel special”

Devika, did not repsond. They reached home . Devika from inside was feeling horny, she had become more bolder, and she wanted to experiement every bit of it.

Ramu opened the gate, and Devika straight away looked at him , with lust she said -” Kha to liya Ramu, kiya main itni sundar hun”
” Jao meri panties car se nikal lo, subah milenge”

and she left to upper room to sleep . Anand was smiling at all the change he was seeing in Devika. She has become a slut man, he thought to him self

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