Aroused by Cheating – Pt. 02

“It’s exciting to cheat.” David’s words kept running through Jen’s mind as she sat across from Michael in the restaurant.

Was it really? All evening, she thought of what David had said. When Michael kissed her on her cheek, she thought, “An hour ago, David’s cum was all over my face.” When Michael held her hand, she thought, “I was holding David’s penis earlier this evening.”

It excited Jen to think of these things. She knew it was wrong. It was wicked. But it was – deliciously wicked. She had orgasmed twice with David just a few hours earlier, but these thoughts were making her hot again.

After their light dinner they went to a show at the theater. Jen crossed her legs and Michael rested his hand on her thigh, like he always did. He caressed her thigh and edged his fingers just under her skirt, but since they were in a crowded theater he didn’t venture any farther. Jen couldn’t help thinking, “If Michael touched my pussy right now, he’d feel David’s cum.”

The naughtiness of it made Jen shudder. “Are you okay?” Michael asked concerned. “Yes,” Jen replied innocently. “Just a little chilly in here.”

David shouldn’t have cum inside her. He could be such a jerk sometimes. But his brutishness also turned her on. Their sex wasn’t politically correct. He wasn’t gentle or caring. When they fucked, he treated her like a slut. That’s why she loved sex with David so much. She had a submissive streak, and got turned on by guys who took control. With her blonde hair and youthful, pretty face, she looked home-spun and innocent. But she liked being naughty. She liked the feeling of being used, of being treated like a whore, and David gave her that. The fact that he was gorgeous and had a really nice body didn’t hurt either.

A few weeks later, Jen and Michael were having breakfast when the phone rang.

“Hello?” Jen answered.

“Hi, it’s me. Sarah can’t come down this weekend. Can you come over?”

Jen glanced over at Michael, who was reading the paper. They had planned to spend the day together. “I don’t know,” she said doubtfully.

“Tell Michael I need you to help me shop for Sarah’s birthday gift.”

Jen was torn. She was looking forward to being with Michael today, she really liked him. She might even be falling in love. Still, it had been over a month since she had last seen David. Usually they fucked at least once a week. It had been that way since college. Jen called it her “David fix.” David was the best lover she had ever had, and even when she was in a relationship, like she was with Michael, she still desired what David could give her. But she had never been in a relationship as serious as the one she was in now with Michael.

Still, her body had needs …

She looked over at Michael, feeling more than a little guilty. “Honey?” she hesitantly began. “David was wondering if I could help him today. Sarah’s birthday is next week, and he needs help buying a gift.”

Michael looked disappointed. “I thought we were going to hang together today. Read the paper, go to lunch, see a movie. I was looking forward to it.”

“I know, I was too honey. I’ll be home by dinner time.” She stretched her shapely leg under the table and lightly pressed her toes against Michael’s crotch. “We’ll have all evening together.” Michael felt himself stiffening. He was disappointed, but he didn’t want to be one of those boyfriends who prohibited their girlfriends from having guy friends. “Well, I guess it’s okay.”

Smiling, Jen leaned over and kissed Michael. Then she picked up the phone. “Okay, I’ll meet you at the mall in about an hour.”

“Sounds good,” David said. He was already getting hard. David whispered into the phone. “Jen, remember you told me about the bustier Michael got you for Valentine’s day? Wear that today, okay?”

Jen frowned. “We’ll see,” she said noncommittally.

After hanging up the phone, Jen kissed Michael again. “Thank you for being so understanding. David really needs help, he’s trying to impress Sarah. I promise to make it up to you tonight.”

Michael reached out and brought Jen to him. His hands went to her shapely, tight ass. “How about a quickie? You’ve got an hour.”

Jen giggled. “I want to, but I have to get dressed.” She wiggled from Michael’s grasp and ran into the bedroom. “And I have to hurry, you know how long it takes me to get ready,” she said over her shoulder.

Jen was in a quandary. What should she wear? She didn’t want Michael to see her dressed too sexy for a casual shopping trip with David. Normally she’d wear jeans and a top, with sexy lingerie underneath. But David wanted her to wear the bustier. She knew why. He was so kinky sometimes. But that meant she’d have to wear a skirt.

Finally, she decided on an ivory silk blouse and a black pleated skirt that fell to just below her knees. Underneath she wore a full length slip, plain bra and panties and black panty hose. She put her blonde hair up, and lightly applied makeup. She finished the outfit with black ballerina flats.

She couldn’t wear the bustier out of the house. Michael was sure to hug her when she left, and he’d feel the bustier’s ribbing. Then she’d have to explain why she was wearing the sexy lingerie he had gotten her for Valentine’s day. Searching in her closet, she found a Nordstom’s shopping bag. First she threw in the bustier and a few other items, and then she covered them with a dress she had recently bought. She looked in the mirror. She looked pretty, but not sexy. At least, not too sexy.

Holding the bag she left the bedroom. “You look great,” Michael immediately said, and took her into his arms and kissed her. “But then you always look great.” Looking closer, he said, “A little dressed up, though.”

Jen smiled innocently, and motioned to the shopping bag she was holding. “I know, but I’m thinking of exchanging that dress I bought the other day at Nordstroms. You know, the one you said you didn’t like too much? So I wanted to wear hose so I could try things on.” Please don’t look into the bag, Jen prayed.

Michael pulled his girl friend to him again, and reached to the hem of her skirt. “That’s fine with me, you know I love seeing your legs.” Michael reached under her skirt and caressed her legs, moving from her knees up to her thighs. “What, no stockings?” he said disappointedly. “You know I hate it when you wear pantyhose.”

Jen laughed and playfully pushed Michael away. “I’m just going to see David, silly, and thigh highs are expensive. I’m not going to waste them on him. Now I’ve got to go. I’ll see you later, okay? And then I’ll put on stockings for you!”

Grinning, Michael said, “Okay, I can’t wait,” and he kissed his girl friend goodbye.

Before getting to David’s apartment Jen stopped at a gas station. She grabbed the shopping back and ran into the bathroom. She was in a hurry, because she knew she only had a few hours to be with David.

Jen took off her clothes until she was standing nude on a towel in the bathroom. She sprayed perfume behind her ears, between her breasts, and finally between her legs. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out the bustier and wiggled into it. It tightly hugged her petite body and made her breasts look a size larger than they really were. No wonder Michael loved it whenever she wore it. She reached again into the bag and pulled out a new pair of black stockings. She quickly opened the package and pulled out the silky material, and then carefully pulled them up her long legs. She attached the stocking tops to the garter straps attached to the bustier. She didn’t bother with panties.

Jen pulled her skirt back on. This time, she pulled it high up her waist, so it ended a few inches above her knees, turning the conservative skirt into a mini-skirt. Then she put on the blouse, but didn’t button the top two buttons, allowing her bustier-enhanced cleavage to show. Reaching once more into the shopping bag, she pulled out black stiletto heels, and stepped into them.

She moved to the mirror. She freed her hair, allowing her blonde locks to fall around her slim shoulders. She brushed her hair to a silky smoothness, and then re-applied her makeup, a bit heavier this time, the way she knew best emphasized her pretty face.

Finally, she was ready. She stuffed everything into the shopping bag. Then, with one last look in the mirror, she headed off to David’s.


David took his time with Jen, savoring her body. They lay next to each other on his bed, both still fully dressed. David caressed her over her clothes. His fingers traced the swell of Jen’s exposed cleavage, and then drew circles over her breasts. His leg was between hers, and her skirt was pulled up high on her thighs. David traced her stocking tops and garter straps, his fingers moving from the silky fabric to her soft bare skin, and back again.

Jen was so turned on. His caresses were driving her crazy. But her passion was being fueled by more than his touch.

David unbuttoned Jen’s blouse and then reached in. He ran his fingers along the boning of her bustier. “Did Mike fuck you, that night, after we had been together? How did it feel, with my cum inside you? Did it feel good?”

Jen’s eyes were closed as she enjoyed David’s caresses. “It always feels good when Michael fucks me.”

David playfully pinched Jen’s nipple, which was partially exposed over the top of the bustier. “You know what I mean. Didn’t it feel better? Wasn’t it more exciting, with my cum inside you? Didn’t you feel wicked fucking him, after you had been with me? Wasn’t it more exciting?”

Jen didn’t answer his question. “I don’t get it,” she said. She put her hand on David’s crotch. “It excites you, doesn’t it, that you were inside me before Michael?”

Jen felt David’s cock jerk. “I guess it does,” she giggled. Then her expression turned serious. “Why does this turn you on so much?”

“You know how I told you it was exciting to cheat?” David grinned. “Well, it’s even better when you’re fucking another guy’s girl.”

Jen scowled at him. “You’re so bad.” She pushed him away. “Why is Michael any different from the other men I’ve dated? You had me then, too. Why is it more exciting now?”

David grinned. “Don’t play innocent, you know why. You were never serious with any of those guys. You are with Mike, I can tell. But instead of being with him, you’re in my bed right now. You like Mike, love him even, but you’re going to let me fuck you. Don’t you see how incredible a turn on that is?”

“You’re demented,” Jen said. She started to turn away, but David pulled her back.

“Come on, don’t lie. I know you. I know how your pretty head works. You may look innocent on the outside. But you’re a bad girl. Cheating on your boyfriend turns you on too.”

“It does not,” Jen protested.

David ran his hand along the silky fabric of the bustier, his fingers tracing along the boning. “Jen, Mike gave you this for Valentine’s day, right? I bet this is a special outfit to him, right? You’ll probably wear it on special occasions, like the anniversary of your first date. Don’t you feel guilty for sneaking it out, and wearing it for me? Aren’t you going to feel guilty when I’m fucking you in it? And doesn’t that guilt turn you on? Isn’t it exciting to be bad?”

Jen was silent for long moments. David was right, she was feeling guilty for wearing the bustier. But she remembered how exciting it was to sneak it out, and to change outfits in the gas station. The risk and naughtiness were definitely turn-ons.

But Jen wasn’t ready to admit that to David. She pulled off her skirt and then her blouse, leaving her in just the bustier, stockings and heels. She unzipped David, and carefully pulled out his hard cock. Then she crawled on top of him. “Enough talking. I want you now.” She guided his cock inside her and lowered herself on him. As she moved up and down on David’s thick shaft, Jen looked into David’s eyes. “No games today. You have to pull out this time, okay?”

David grunted his consent. Jen’s tight pussy felt so good. He reached up and fondled Jen’s small tits. Then he rolled Jen over onto her back, and continued fucking her missionary style. They were both close to cumming.

“You know where I’m going to cum bitch?” David hissed. “I’m going to shoot my load all over your bustier, so the next time you wear it for Mike it’ll be stained with my spunk!”

“Oh gawwwwd,” Jen groaned, and her back arched as she came.

“Stroke me!” David commanded as he pulled out of Jen’s pussy. “Shoot my cum all over your bustier.”

Still in the throes of her orgasm, Jen reached between their bodies and wrapped her hand around David’s cock. She pumped him, aiming his bulbous cockhead at the busier Michael had given her on Valentine’s day. Within moments David’s body jerked and he ejaculated all over Jen’s bustier.

To Be Continue …

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